Rallies at Exmouth and Coral Bay


Exmouth - Federation Park
Music and speakers
11am - Sunday Dec 1
contact: Susie Scott 0417 098 665

Coral Bay - Mauds Landing
Music and speakers
11am - Sunday Dec 1
contact: Gail O'Sullivan (08) 9942 5934


Tim Winton appeals to you (480 kb mp3)


What you can do to help with the Rally for the Reef

1) Bring along as many friends and family as possible. A big crowd will make a huge difference!

2) Donate using the Tim Winton donation form (90kb .pdf)

3) Email as many friends about this event as possible, asking them to come along - and ask them to ask others.

4) Print a flyer here and stick it up at work, school, or on your car.

5) If you're in Perth or nearby distribute Rally pamphlets and posters so that people know it's Rally Time. Contact 9420 7255 or email [email protected] to arrange delivery or pick up.

6) If you're outside Perth arrange your own gathering on Sunday December 1st. Something as simple as hanging a banner for the Reef in your front yard will help get the message out there.

7) Get together with friends to make a banner for the Reef which expresses your feelings, and put it somehwere prominent. Send in your pictures of your banner in the next few weeks and we'll put them on this web site. Bring it along to the rally.

8) Help save Ningaloo Reef by making a tax deductible donation on-line.

9) Find out what else you can do to help save the Reef.


Make your own car banner, flyer, poster or email.

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Right click on thumbnail and "Save Target As"
(or whatever technique your browser requires).

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