Media Release, Tuesday, 27 May 2003

Ningaloo campaign applauds Winton's medal win

The Save Ningaloo Campaign today congratulated Tim Winton for winning the inaugural Australian Society of Authors Medal at its fortieth anniversary celebration in Sydney last night.

The Medal recognises the achievements of authors who have made a significant contribution to the Australian community.

Mr Winton travelled to Sydney to receive the award which was presented by Thomas Kenneally.

Paul Gamblin, Save Ningaloo Campaign spokesperson, said, "Tim has clearly made an inestimable contribution to the community's fight to protect Ningaloo Reef for future generations."

"Getting the word out is so difficult for a grassroots campaign. Tim's connection to our coastline and its people, and his gift for profoundly expressing what so many people feel play a vital role in focussing attention on the threats Ningaloo faces. His words have breathed life into the technical scientific and economic arguments the campaign has had to make."

"The fact that Tim won the award from a Sydney-based institution is also an indication of the increasing national concern about Ningaloo. It's great that the Australian Society of Authors has recognised Tim's efforts over here."

"What many people would not know is that despite Tim's private nature he has pushed himself very hard on this issue to spend many hours in the campaign 'engine room.' He has shared the worry, the stress and the sleepless nights. He has witnessed the challenges of organising events like the 15,000-strong rally last year on a shoe-string."

"Through it all Tim has reflected on the strength of the volunteer spirit and the determination of Western Australians not to make the mistakes of the rest of the world."

"Tim continues to inspire campaigners and provide support during tough times."

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Media Contact: Paul Gamblin, Save Ningaloo campaign spokesperson


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