Media Release, Wednesday 5 June 2002

Spare a thought for Ningaloo on World Environment Day

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Today is World Environment Day and Save Ningaloo campaigners will be in town urging lunchtime crowds to support calls for a halt to the marina proposed on the Ningaloo Reef.

Paul Gamblin, Save Ningaloo spokesperson, said, “At a time when the majority of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by human activities, it is inconceivable that we should be considering a proposal to build a huge marina resort at one of the most important parts of Ningaloo Reef.”

The United Nations, which designates World Environment Day, has identified the plight of coral reefs as one of the most important environmental issues the world faces. It makes the point that wealthy countries, like Australia, are best placed to provide sanctuaries for reefs, whereas the outlook for reefs in poorer countries is dire. For example, a major UN report estimated that 82% of Indonesia’s reefs, home to much of the world’s coral, are threatened by human activities.

“Ningaloo is renowned as one of the world’s most pristine and fragile coral reefs and as a wealthy, developed country, Australia must accept its international responsibilities and look after the Reef.”

“We urge everyone who cares about coral reefs to take a few minutes on World Environment Day to write a letter to the Premier, Dr Geoff Gallop, imploring his Government to reject the marina proposal in favour of a sustainable approach to Ningaloo. We must learn from the mistakes of other places rather than blindly following those well-worn paths. The world is watching us and we must play our part by protecting Ningaloo while we still can.”

Contact: Paul Gamblin, Save Ningaloo campaign spokesperson


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