Tim Winton on THE day to the people of Exmouth

1 December, 2002



You live in a great place and you're building a rare community. In recent years this town has transformed itself. It promises to be one of Australia's rural success stories.

Your commitment to sensitive sustainable ecotourism is one of the most exciting developments in the country. We know how seriously you take the reef and the Cape Range region. The health of these natural wonders will dictate your future.

Today as you rally for the reef I want you to know that down in Fremantle thousands of other Western Australians are standing beside you.
Ningaloo is a national treasure like Kakadu and Uluru.

The reef needs this resort as much as the Bungle Bungles need a casino.

Sustainable development of the region is possible but the resort at Maud's is a clanger.
Already 50,000 people have told the Premier this resort won't do. And the news is spreading fast.

In the end all the money in the world won't alter the fact that the reef belongs to all Australians, not just to the rich and powerful. The Maud's proposal isn't worthy of the reef or the people who love it.

Keep up the fight. Together we'll save this great place for our grandkids. It'll be something to be proud of.

Tim Winton
29th November, 2002


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