Tim Winton on THE day to the people of Coral Bay

1 December, 2002



What a year it's been. Your welcoming community has been scorned and insulted, you've been slighted and sneered at by those who think highly of themselves. But today I want you to know that thousands of Western Australians are standing in the park down in Freo side by side with you. We know how much you love the reef. We understand that the reef's future is your future.

Ningaloo needs this resort as much as the Bungle Bungles need a casino.

The news is spreading fast. Already 50,000 people have written emails, letters and cards to the Premier. Yours is a national story now. Together we'll see this thing through. You've lived with the shadow of this dinosaur on the horizon for too long already.

In the end all the money in the world won't alter the fact that the reef belongs to all Australians, not just to the rich and powerful. If we treasure it enough, if we're serious about our responsibility to the reef we'll save it for our kids and their kids. Then, by God, we'll have some stories to tell.

Tim Winton
29th November, 2002


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